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Avant Prime

AvantPrime.PipelineNET Namespace

The AvantPrime.Pipeline namespace provides classes that schedules high volumes of tasks through a limited number of pathways/pipelines.
Public classBackgroundWorkerTaskRunner
Schedules tasks using the BackgroundWorker.
Public classDispatcherTaskRunner
Schedules tasks using the Dispatcher
Public classCode exampleFcfsScheduler
First Come First Serve task scheduler.
Public classCode examplePipelineScheduler
Allows the scheduling of ITask tasks which will be executed the scheduler pipelines/threads.
Public classCode examplePriorityScheduler
Priority scheduler with arrival time-based aging.
Public classQueuedTaskResult
The running task details.
Public classStandardTaskRunner
Schedules tasks on standard .NET threads.
Public classCode exampleTaskExecutionResult
Stores the details surrounding the execution of a ITask.
Public classThreadPoolTaskRunner
Schedules tasks on ThreadPool.
Public classTplRaskRunner
Schedules tasks on the task parallel library.
Public interfaceCode exampleITask
Defines methods and properties for the task operations and recording completion details.
Public interfaceITaskRunner
Defines operations for thread task scheduling.
Public interfaceCode exampleITaskScheduler
Defines methods that perform task scheduling.
Public enumerationTaskPriority
Specifies the scheduling priority of a Task.
Public enumerationTaskQueueOverflow
Specifies what happens to the task list when the limit has been reached.