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Boost the power and productivity of your code using our powerful .NET components that handle common and complicated tasks elegantly giving you the freedom to create something great.

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Reliable and secure software and components that are scrutinised for performance gains and memory leaks and support your high volume and real-time application needs. Enterprise licensing available.

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We offer a range of applications that suite your business internet and marketing needs, enabling you to reach a wider audience and push your business towards success. Power you business.

Pipeline.NET - Limited Concurrency Task Scheduling Anyone who have had to write software to send high volumes of emails, upload an unknown number of files to a server, perform distributed calculations, update stock tickers or even create some sort of load balancing service would know the difficulty in making it fast and reliable or even getting it work. They would know the difficulty in using cryptic components that are hard to understand and provide complex interfaces when all you want is to focus on getting the job done instead of tussling with their complexities. Pipeline.NET is a high performance .NET component that fills this gap by providing a reliable and easy to use API.
.NET Google Custom SearchThe Google Custom Search API lets you develop websites and other applications to retrieve and display search results from Google Custom Search facility. With this API you can perform either web page or image searches.

The power of Google custom search is now at your fingertips using a well built and powerful .NET API. Take advantage of the features of Google custom search using simple .NET calls. The component is written in C# and brings the power of custom search to all your .NET applications.

Recurring Background TasksThis component makes task-scheduling easy! Often it is necessary to run several tasks concurrently within your applications, however multi-threading code is often extremely complicated and prone to errors. This is where the Parallel.NET component makes massive difference. Launch any number tasks at defined intervals forever or for a limited number of loops concurrently in any .NET application with only a few lines of code.

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