Powerful high-performance task scheduling

A powerful .NET component that lets you easily run background work while also limiting the number of tasks that run in parallel. It works great for apps that need to easily schedule lots of background work without impacting overall application performance, but also works for apps that want a simple way to run background work.

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What’s new in Pipeline.NET

  • Performance boosts – The elimination of wasted processing cycles and algorithmic refinements a 90% performance improvement when using multiple pipelines.

  • Improved memory management – Increase protection from memory leaks making your applications more robust.

  • Brand new task runners – More task runners for different application environments. The WPF Dispatcher, WinForms BackgroundWorker and the Task Parallel Library.

  • Task cancellation – Tasks can now be cancelled before execution starts with one line of code.

  • Start/Stop task execution – The scheduler now supports Start and Stop enabling more control of when the work takes place.

  • Task buffer pre-allocation – Performance optimisation using pre-sized task buffers.

  • Push task on running scheduler – The scheduler now supports adding more tasks while the scheduler is already running.

  • Task reference on pushing using Action – A reference to a task is now returned when scheduling dynamic tasks enabling task cancellation and much more.

  • Limit queued tasks – Queue size can now be restricted with options to discard, append, prepend and more.

  • Task scheduling offloading – Schedule tasks quickly by offloading task scheduling to another thread.

  • Start/Cancel task notifications – New notifications for when tasks start running and when a task is cancelled.

  • Removal of task wake up – The feature to wake tasks has been removed since its obsolete and has yielded an increase in performance.

Pipeline.NET Features

Limit the number of concurrent background tasks

High performance and real-time apps require clever work scheduling systems to maximize the number of tasks being run concurrently without impacting overall system performance through the depletion of resources – Pipeline.NET offers first class scheduling, queuing and limiting the number of running tasks.

Schedule custom background tasks

Schedule background task with a few simple lines of code. No complexity thus enabling you to focus solely on your application or business goals. The scheduling of background tasks can be done on any type of .NET application and can be used with heavy workloads and user interface synchronization.

Use built in and custom task scheduling algorithms

Several scheduling algorithms out of the box including first come first serve and priority scheduling. Scheduling algorithms that work silently in the background to cleverly schedule all your tasks. Add your own custom scheduler to suite your application needs.

Terminate long running or deadlocked tasks

Gracefully or forcefully terminate tasks that have been running past their allotted duration without impacting the stability of your application. Deadlocked tasks can now be prevented from depleting your application resources and overall performance.

Ease of use and incredible reliability

The complexity of the Pipeline.NET is hidden and configurable using default settings for all options and freely allowing the user to change any setting to a custom value. Schedule tasks with incredible ease just by writing 2 lines of code.

C# & VB.NET Source Code

Written in your favourite .NET languages allowing the expansion to suite your application needs.

Pipeline.NET Pricing




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  • 1 year updates


  • 5 Applications
  • Commercial Software
  • No Source Code
  • Full Support
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  • 1 year updates


  • Unlimited Applications
  • Commercial Software
  • Source Code
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  • 1 year updates

The license is permanent and includes one year of free product upgrades since the purchase date, including even major version upgrades. For Classroom & OSS License please enquire by clicking here.

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