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Pipeline.NET How it works
A powerful .NET component that lets you easily run background work while also limiting the number of tasks that run in parallel. It works great for apps that need to easily schedule lots of background work without impacting overall application performance, but also works for apps that want a simple way to run background work.
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How Pipeline.NET Helps .NET Developers

Schedule custom background tasks

Schedule background task with a few simple lines of code. No complexity thus enabling you to focus solely on your application or business goals. The scheduling of background tasks can be done on any type of .NET application and can be used with heavy workloads and user interface synchronization.

Limit the number of concurrent background tasks

High performance and real-time apps require clever work scheduling systems to maximize the number of tasks being run concurrently without impacting overall system performance through the depletion of resources – Pipeline.NET offers first class scheduling, queuing and limiting the number of running tasks.

Use built in and custom task scheduling algorithms

Several scheduling algorithms out of the box including first come first serve and priority scheduling. Scheduling algorithms that work silently in the background to cleverly schedule all your tasks. Add your own custom scheduler to suite your application needs.

Terminate long running or deadlocked tasks

Gracefully or forcefully terminate tasks that have been running past their allotted duration without impacting the stability of your application. Deadlocked tasks can now be prevented from depleting your application resources and overall performance.

Ease of use and incredible reliability

The complexity of the Pipeline.NET is hidden and configurable using default settings for all options and freely allowing the user to change any setting to a custom value. Schedule tasks with incredible ease just by writing 2 lines of code.

C# & VB.NET Source Code

Written in your favourite .NET languages allowing the expansion to suite your application needs.

I purchased a while ago and must say it has saved me a good amount of time in multi-threading in my WPF application. I requested a timeout feature a short while ago and the authors were even nice enough to implement it. Good product. Recommended!

Speed up your apps with a high speed swappable .NET caching system.

What’s new in Pipeline.NET

Version 2.2

  • Start/Stop: Instead of the scheduler starting automatically you can call Start() operation. To stop the scheduler before all tasks have been completed simply used the Stop() operation.
  • Task scheduling: More ways to schedule tasks now to make it easy to add tasks to the queue.
  • Task overflow: New task overflow options of how to handle the task when dealing with a fixed size queue. Append (Remove Last)/Prepend (Remove First)/AppendAndRemoveFirst/PrependAndRemoveLast/Discard options now available
  • Reliability & Efficiency: Increased reliability and efficiency ensuring there are no wasted resources and less chance of long running processes running out of resources.

Version 2.0

  • Pipeline.NET now offers the automatic termination of long running or deadlocked tasks. A very useful feature to ensure errant and unruly tasks do not hog your application resources and diminish overall performance.
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Pure Performance

Automatic termination of long running tasks

Set the maximum duration a task can remain running. If the task does not complete when the time expires it is aggressively terminated allowing the next task in the queue to run. This is suitable for task that do not rely on external resources that may be left in limbo.

Pipeline.NET example with task scheduling & task termination

Pipeline.NET Features

Pipeline.NET offers a range of features that are ideally suited for applications that want to easily schedule background tasks or schedule a lot of background work and require a limited number of tasks to run at any one time. It is easily configurable and usable for basic and advanced developers or tasks.

With a few lines of code a task can be run in the background. Pipeline.NET offers a simple but powerful interface to achieve this goal.
Pipeline.NET is very fast when scheduling and launching tasks which is ideally suited to real-time applications that require background threads to perform work.
A star feature of Pipeline.NET is to limit the number of tasks that can run at any one time. This enables the maximization of resources without overloading and causing degradation in application performance. Suitable for various applications including those that send bulk emails, distributed workload apps, and much more.
Create any tasks using the IPipelineTask interface that are suitable for your application no matter what .NET platform is being used. Take advantage of all the customisations and task completion feedback features available.
Quickly schedule tasks using a simple delegate or lambda expression. This is suitable for tasks where configuration or task statistics are not necessary.
Easily kill long running or deadlocked tasks by setting the maximum duration a task is allowed to execute. As simple as that, any task can be terminated and prevented from depleting application resources.
Pipeline.NET works with all .NET applications and platforms types including WPF, Windows Services, Web Services, Web Applications, Windows Forms, Windows Mobile, Windows 8 & 8.1 plus more.
It is easy to perform work in the background and synchronise with your application front end using the normal synchronisation mechanism.
There are many configuration options that can be changed to suit your application needs. All values are pre-configured to make using Pipeline.NET as easy as possible.

Pipeline.NET Documentation

Welcome to the online documentation for Pipeline.NET. You will find a living repository for Pipeline.NET information and documentation.

Version 2.2

Learn how to use Pipeline.NET

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