MassMailer.NET helps developers sent bulk emails with a few simple lines of code. MassMailer.NET takes away all the headache of coding these features yourself and provides an efficient, high-performance system for sending a large volume of emails. This component is bundled (single assembly) with:

  • Fluent.NET Mail
  • Pipeline.NET
  • Frequently asked questions

    1. Exactly what does it do?

      MassMailer.NET allows applications to send personalised emails to one or more recipients. It is more suited to sending a larger volume of emails or responding to events (transactional support). It offers many features including sending emails in batches for contact lists, marketing lists, responding to events (activity streams), etc.

      MassMailer.NET takes advantage of Fluent.NET Mail and Pipeline.NET ensuring that this component
      is a force to be reckoned with, in terms of reliability and performance.

    2. What .NET applications will it work with?

      MassMailer.NET can be used in all variants of .NET applications as long as
      they are using the .NET Framework 3.5 or above including web applications and
      XML & WCF services, windows services, WPF & WinForm applications, etc.

    3. Does it work in the background?

      MassMailer.NET sends all emails on background threads with options to choose either ThreadPool or non-ThreadPool threads.

    4. How fast can it send emails?

      MassMailer.NET after being tested with an average (not as fast as Amazon SES) SMTP service performed very well, sending over 9000 emails per hour.

    5. Does it work with Amazon SES?

      Yes. MassMailer.NET is quite happy to work with the Amazon SES SMTP service.

    6. Is their any API documentation?

      Yes. The API documentation can be found here.

    7. Are there “get started” examples?

      All the API documentation provide examples on how to
      use the component. See the first example here.

    8. What are the MassMailer.NET features?

      • Send personalized emails
      • Send emails to your entire contact list
      • Send updates to your customers or users
      • Use your own repository for your contacts
      • Built in contact repositories
      • Dynamic message sending for new contacts
      • Schedule emails individually or in batches
      • Option to pause when between message sending per thread
      • Option for pausing between email scheduling
      • Filter duplicates when sending emails
      • Events/Alerts for MassMailer states including Started, Email Success, Email Failures, Stopping, Completion, etc
      • Full access to Fluent.NET Mail and Pipeline.NET features
      • Save MassMailer.NET configuration state and resume at a later date

    9. What do you get when you buy MassMailer.NET?

      • .NET 3.5 Assemblies
      • Debug files (PDB)
      • XML comments (Intellisense)
      • Get Started documentation
      • Documented API
      • Demo applications


    For more examples on how to use MassMailer.NET check out our website here:


    This component is built using the .NET 3.5 Framework which means it can be used in all .NET applications that are using the 3.5 framework or newer. This includes .NET 3.5, 4.0, & 4.5+.

    Updates:, November 19th 2014


    • Change MassMailer constructor signature. Removed methods for OnMessageSent, OnMessageBounced, OnMessagedFailed
    • Added OnMessageSent, OnMessageBounced, OnMessageFailed events to MassMailer class
    • Added OnStarting, OnStarted, OnPausing, OnPaused, OnResuming, OnStopping, OnStopped and OnCompleted events to the MassMailer class
    • Add new MassMailerConfiguration option, SchedulerDelay, which pause scheduling between single messages or batches
    • Redesigned MassMailerConfiguration to be immutable


    • Improved MassMailer speed